Hide-N-Seek @ Sensual Productions TODAY @ 1pm SLT! Sunday, Apr 13 2008 


Finally, the FULL Xtreme Series from Sensual Animations! Tuesday, Apr 8 2008 

Here are the remaining packs for the Xtreme series! Sorry about the delay folks…
Packs 3,4 &5 are now released… Packs 1&2 were released previously but I am going to include images for all of them =)
Poses can be purchased individually or in a pack… smooth transitioning, high priority, great for modeling, photography and more!

Located on Sensual Productions Island

Sensual Casanova
Sensual Designs & Animations
Sensual Productions


Hide-N-Seek @ Sensual Productions Thursday, Apr 3 2008 

April 5th, 2008
1:00 P.M. SLT
(event will continue until’ all gifts have been collected)

Come play Hide-N-Seek @ Sensual Productions!

Between noon and 1pm, Sensual Productions will be closed. We will reopen at 1pm. There will be 50 boxes hidden throughout the island. Inside you will find a gift by Sensual Designs & Animations. If you find a box, simply touch it to receive your gift and the box will self destruct.

Sensual Productions, during this time, flying and scripts will be turned off to insure a fair chance to all participants.

Please do not IM asking where they are, or how many are left. It will be announced on my blog (http://blog.sensualdesigns.net/) as well as within the region once all gifts have been collected.

The boxes will be in various sizes and all hidden no more than 15m above ground/floor level.

Gifts will be TRANSFERABLE, however they will all be uniquely marked as “FREE GIFT by Sensual Designs & Animations”. These gifts are not eligible for exchange or refund of any kind, nor should they be sold or set for sale in any way, shape or form, NOT even for L$1

Thanks and happy seeking,

Sensual Casanova
Senusal Productions
Sensual Designs & Animations


New Trendy from Sensual Designs Sunday, Mar 16 2008 

New Trendy from Sensual Designs!
Available in 9 different colors!
Shrug, Cami, and Pants Included…
Matching shoes can be purchased separately from DevSen!

Visit us at Sensual Productions!

New Xtreme Xpressions – Pack Two from Sensual Animations Tuesday, Mar 11 2008 

New Xtreme Xpressions – Pack Two from Sensual Animations at Sensual Productions!

Great for modeling, photography and the runway!
Smooth Transitioning!
Purchase individually or the whole pack!


Sensual Designs & SL-Relay For Life! Monday, Mar 10 2008 

Sensual Designs will be participating in the 2008 Second Life – Relay for Life Clothing Fair!

I am so excited and honored to be able to participate this year! I will be setting up shop at the fair from March 17th – 23rd. All proceeds earned at the fair will be donated to RFL!

From my understanding, there will be 84 designers there and a whole lot of entertainment! So make sure you all mark your calendars and start saving your L$’s!

Nevar, Pips and the rest of the team have done an amazing job and have worked very hard to make this happen. Thank you guys so much for doing such a wonderful thing and making it happen in Second Life!

I hope to see you all there showing your support!

Sensual Designs
Sensual Casanova

New from JCD @ Sensual Productions! Monday, Mar 10 2008 

Just a taste of JCD @ Sensual Productions has to offer!

One of Jana’s latest releases is Dana!

Dana – a cute and sassy short black dress with golden highlights and a diamond cutout bodice.  There are two choices of tops in the package, one with straps, as shown, and the other strapless.  The perfect outfit for clubbing this weekend.


JCD has also released a new jewelry set and some maternity wear. Check it out in world!

New from Blang! @ Sensual Productions! Saturday, Mar 8 2008 

Blang!!! Newness this month….The Gem Bangles n Ring Set, gems set in shimmering silver. Comes in 15 different variations, just in time for Spring!
As a extra added bonus..hidden in the vendors at each store is a “$1 DOLLAR DEAL”. The 15 Gem Texture Changing Chain, which was made exclusively to coordinate with the Gem Bangle Sets, set also in shimmering silver with just a touch of sparkle.

New Xtreme Xpressions – Pack One from Sensual Animations Saturday, Feb 16 2008 

New Xtreme Xpressions – Pack One from Sensual Animations at Sensual Productions!

Great for modeling, photography and the runway!
Smooth Transitioning!
Purchase individually or the whole pack!

Jump Rope For Heart – Help make a difference! Tuesday, Feb 12 2008 

First I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this…

I don’t usually post stuff like this, and in all honesty, it isn’t easy for me…

Not very many people know the person behind Sensual Casanova as I do not tend to get very personal with too many people within Second Life. I try very hard to keep the two lives and people separate when it comes to feelings and emotion.

Well… as some of you may know, I lost my father back in December of 1994. I was only 16 yrs old… My father suffered with a bad heart, multiple open heart surgeries, a stroke and other health conditions a good portion of his life.

He was never able to meet 7 out of 11 of his grandchildren but all of them know and won’t ever forget their grandfather.

My niece and nephew, Angelina and Brandon Jurado are raising money for Jump Rope for Heart in memory of their grandfather, my father, Dave Briones Jr.

These kids are so passionate about this, and try really hard this year and last year to raise money for Jump Rope for Heart. I am asking for anyone that reads this to please help them make a difference. Any amount will be very helpful and appreciated.

Donations online can only be done in $25.00 increments, and you have the option to make a dedication or a shout out on the right scrolling image of the page which can include either your RL or SL name.

If you want to donate, and don’t have a credit card, or want to donate a different amount you can send the donation to my personal PayPal account to debrub77@msn.com and I will send it in a lump sum or pay by my credit card online depending on the amount.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me in SL or you can email me at Sensual@SensualDesigns.net.

Thanks and God Bless,
Sensual Casanova

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