Price Juggler @ Sensual Designs & Animations Saturday, Jan 5 2008 

As most of you know there has been a 50% Off Sale going on at Sensual Designs & Animations, but now it’s with a bit of twist! I spent the morning price juggling and went around and changed all the sale items to new sale items! So if there was something you liked but wanted it in another version, style or color, it just may very well be set for 50% off today! So go check it out =)
Make sure you look for the “50% Off” signs on selected items, as some are hard to see unless you are actually near or in front of the item..


Happy New Years Everyone! Tuesday, Jan 1 2008 

Happy New Year Everyone, from Sensual Designs, Sensual Animations, Sensual Casanova, Le Cadre’ etc etc etc lol

I hope you all have a wonderful and SAFE new year!

I am going to run some kind of sale or something tomorrow to start off the new year, but I am not sure what yet, and it will be last minute… sorry things have been hectic, but please keep your eyes open

Sensual Casanova

Join the Le Cadre’ Network Community! Thursday, Dec 27 2007 

Join the Le Cadre’ Network Community!

Below is a list of available land, if you are interested in land or have any questions, please feel free to contact Sensual Casanova, either in Second Life or by email

All land  is especially low priced as a after holiday special!
Please read covenant in world prior to purchase!

8192m – L$4096 – Region Inception
Mature residential land
Terrain is currently snow and is temporary during the season and will revert to grassy greens after the winter holidays, surrounded by water
class 4 server

8192m – L$4096 – Region Inception
Mature residential land
Terrain is currently snow and is temporary during the season and will revert to grassy greens after the winter holidays, surrounded by water
class 4 server

8192m – L$4096 – Region Vera Cruz
Mature residential land
Terrain is beach sand, surrounded by water
class 5 server

Le Cadre 2007 Fashion Expose’ a Total Success! Monday, Dec 17 2007 

December 14, 2007 – Le Cadre’ hosted the Le Cadre’ 2007 Fashion Expose’!

This one of a kind fashion show event was a total success! Organized and coordinated by Sensual Casanova of Sensual Designs and owner of Le Cadre’, also sponsored by Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals. Stage and booths built by Devon Dinzeo and the one of kind rotating stage scripted and perfected by Ricky Lucero!

The event was to begin at 7:00pm SLT and by 6:30 Le Cadre’ was full with 75 people in the region!

The Le Cadre’ 2007 Fashion Expose’ featured 19 of the Le Cadre’ models and 11 different designers!

Read more about it and see more pictures on my website!

Addressing some apparent issues… Thursday, Nov 29 2007 


I am getting some people trying to post comments in regards to a post I made promoting A&K Designs.

These comments are from anonymous people claiming that Adrianna is a thief…

A little background on Adrianna, she is a known reseller and she at one time, was buying people’s inventory (used items) and she is also a member of Second Life Wholesale. She was an authorized reseller to many designers. She, like every other reseller had ran into some problems and there was an incident where she bought something full permissions that was later found, that it should have never been sold that way and wasn’t sold by the original creator. She stopped selling them, and deleted them.

We all make silly mistakes especially when we were new… I know I did! Did you know that when I was new I use to photo source clothing? Quite horribly I might add. Did you know when I was new, I thought it was so cool to have virtual bits I begged a gay couple at Green Fate’s store to buy me a vagina, and then lost it moments later at Phantasie Isle? lol

Anyways… we all do stupid things we wish we hadn’t and I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I am not a normal blogger, I don’t usually post other people’s designs… not too long ago I was giving away shop space and I had a contest, Adrianna was one of the winners, I was excited to see that she was giving up resale and starting to make her own content. Her outfits are wonderful! I also offered to publish any new releases of the designers in Le Cadre’.

If there is some proof you have and are willing to back it up with your SL name, then I am more than willing to take that into account. But I am sorry, when you send me comments bashing someone using fake names, I tend to take it with a grain of salt. I am not going reprimand someone because of rumor. Give me the facts, and I may take it a bit seriously.

I do not intend to offend anyone in anyway…

Please understand my position.

Thank you,

Sensual Casanova

New from Yabusaka in Le Cadre! Wednesday, Nov 28 2007 

Yabusaka released a 2 prim round table with sculptie table cloth last week.
The realistic shape of table cloth is achieved by cloth simulation in 3D software.

The same technique is also applied to this elegant wedding dress, which he released this week.

Please check out these new products in Le Cadre!

Public Announcement: PLEASE READ Wednesday, Nov 14 2007 

Public Announcement:

The time has come…

After nearly 4 years of SL together Asri and I have decided to part ways… our plans, our ventures, our futures, our anticipations have all started to curve in opposite directions. Some of you may have noticed that I have moved the Chaotica sim where Asri has “the House in the Hat Box” and it can now be found North of Le Cadre’.

Asri Falcone Originals will remain in Le Cadre’ until the end of year, there is no current information as to where it will be located after December 31st. We plan to continue working together in the future, with shoes, furniture and possibly some other projects, although our “business partnership” has now dissolved.

Please spare the drama on any future blog postings or “gossip” lol there is none, Asri and I are still best of friends and will continue to be as always, we just decided to go different directions.

My main reason for even announcing this is because…


Please STOP IMing me in regards to Asri’s products and customer service, the amount of IM’s I get for her are outrageous and only a waste of time since I can’t not help you and the only person that can is her! I have enough to keep me busy lol. Anything in regards to Asri Falcone, PLEASE contact Asri Falcone.

Thanks for understanding =)

Sensual Casanova

Land Available! Commerical and Residential Monday, Oct 15 2007 

All Land is going for LESS than L$2 per meter! 

No Premium Account Needed! Tier is payable in L$ or PayPal

First up, we have a LOW PRIM SIM available.

A low prim sim  meaning… it is the SIZE of an entire island (65,536m) BUT there is ONLY a 1875 PRIM ALLOTMENT

This land is intended for a residential get-a-way or a main store, please keep in mind clubs and casinos, would not run well in this type of sim.

You can visit this land here and reference to the covenant for more details!

Next we have a 16,384m mature, residential, grassy plot.

This land is on a class 5 server and the region is divided into 4 16,384m plots, giving less neighbors and literally no lag! It is also surrounded by the ocean on 2 sides! Beautiful view!

You can visit this land here and reference to the covenant for more details!

In addition to what “I” have available, there are a few other pieces of land being sold by the current residents, which you can visit at the links below.  (I am unsure of the prices but I do they all must below L$5 per meter)

31376m of commercial land 

4096m of commercial land

16384m of residential beach land 

16384m of residential grassy land

16384m of residential grassy land

Alright, I think that about sums it up:) If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Sensual Casanova

Le Cadre’ FREE Shop Offer!! Wednesday, Oct 10 2007 

Le Cadre’ is now offering rent free shops to new and up coming designers!

Le Cadre’ has just been reconstructed and as I promised some of you, I would run a contest for the shops in Le Cadre’, well here it is! Good luck 🙂

Visit Le Cadre’ for more details!


Second Life Wholesale Network – In Le Cadre’ Friday, Aug 24 2007 


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