New Xtreme Xpressions – Pack One from Sensual Animations Saturday, Feb 16 2008 

New Xtreme Xpressions – Pack One from Sensual Animations at Sensual Productions!

Great for modeling, photography and the runway!
Smooth Transitioning!
Purchase individually or the whole pack!


Jump Rope For Heart – Help make a difference! Tuesday, Feb 12 2008 

First I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this…

I don’t usually post stuff like this, and in all honesty, it isn’t easy for me…

Not very many people know the person behind Sensual Casanova as I do not tend to get very personal with too many people within Second Life. I try very hard to keep the two lives and people separate when it comes to feelings and emotion.

Well… as some of you may know, I lost my father back in December of 1994. I was only 16 yrs old… My father suffered with a bad heart, multiple open heart surgeries, a stroke and other health conditions a good portion of his life.

He was never able to meet 7 out of 11 of his grandchildren but all of them know and won’t ever forget their grandfather.

My niece and nephew, Angelina and Brandon Jurado are raising money for Jump Rope for Heart in memory of their grandfather, my father, Dave Briones Jr.

These kids are so passionate about this, and try really hard this year and last year to raise money for Jump Rope for Heart. I am asking for anyone that reads this to please help them make a difference. Any amount will be very helpful and appreciated.

Donations online can only be done in $25.00 increments, and you have the option to make a dedication or a shout out on the right scrolling image of the page which can include either your RL or SL name.

If you want to donate, and don’t have a credit card, or want to donate a different amount you can send the donation to my personal PayPal account to and I will send it in a lump sum or pay by my credit card online depending on the amount.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me in SL or you can email me at

Thanks and God Bless,
Sensual Casanova

New from Lunar Seasonals @ Sensual Productions! Saturday, Feb 9 2008 

Cheerful Valentines Paper Lanterns
Only 10L each for 2 lanterns (3 prim and 1 prim)!
They change color by clicking on them and the menu contains a large selection of pinks and reds as well as others.
Also a simple remote switch to change them all at once to one of 12 colors.
Hearts, roses, kisses, and doves! Perfect to add some Valentines color to your homes.

LUNAR Seasonal Designs @ Sensual Productions


New from Gospel Voom at Sensual Productions! Saturday, Feb 9 2008 

His & Hers!!

The GOS WINDRIDER EXCESSION for men & the GOS WINDRIDER LADIES in one discounted box set!
Each watch is individually wrapped for easy transfer.

Gold & Silver strap and face color presets, Second Life time and Real Life time, SL date with unique ‘CHECK TIME’ animation & gesture! On/Off Bling! And it ticks.

Get yours today from GoS at Sensual Productions!


Designers have been picked! Friday, Feb 1 2008 

It was a really rough decision this time around, I found I had a much harder time choosing, compared to the last.

So anyway… the chosen designers to have a free shop at Sensual Productions are the following:

Triangle Caudron – Ghost!
Van Horus – AvaUru Bakeries
Abraxxa Anatine – Earthstones
Jana Fleming – JCD
Chantel Page – Chic Dimensions
Kiki Cunningham – Cupcake!
Shelly Lemay – Shelly’s Bootylicious
Saku Koltai – Fashionity Fantasy
Zelly Zadoq – Blang!!!
Chayanna Thatcher – Eclectic Eclipse

All selected designers please submit to me a FULL permission copy of your logo that is 512×512 or smaller. Also look for the group invite, all updates and further information will be handled through group notices and group chat.

I’d like to thank everyone that participated, it was a pleasure to look at all the amazing talent out there. Hope to see you guys again for round 3!

Sensual Productions
Sensual Casanova