Last Call – Today is your last chance! Saturday, Jan 26 2008 

Today is the deadline to turn in your applications for the Sensual Productions Shop Offer if you haven’t already. Any applications received after midnight SLT will be discarded so please make sure you get them in on time.

The amount of applications this round was tremendous and lots of amazingly talented designers.

The winners will be posted on or before January 30th, so keep a look out =) All winners will be contacted personally as well as posted on the blog.

Thank you to everyone that has participated! =)

Sensual Productions

Sensual Casanova


New from LUNAR Seasonal Designs Saturday, Jan 26 2008 

New from LUNAR Seasonal Designs at Sensual Productions

Menu Driven Aquariums, Fish and Decor.
Aquariums have a menu to change all textures bright and to open and close.
Fish have 6 options as well as size, bright flexi and more and come in 2 sets.
Lots of decor with 3 menu driven options as well as flexi bright and more!

New from YABUSAKA @ Sensual Productions Thursday, Jan 24 2008 

A new jewelry set was released from YABUSAKA
This jewelry was made with sculptie prims and you can change its gem
color by touching it. (7 colors to chose from)
The glitter effect of  the gems arealso added using animated texture.

Teleport to Yabusaka’s shop now!





Sensual Productions Free Shop Offer – Round 2! Thursday, Jan 17 2008 

Sensual Productions Free Shop Offer – Round 2!

The time has come to rotate shops, out with the old in with the new… lol kidding! But seriously the 3 months has long expired and time to give others a chance.

There have been some very motivated designers that I would like to continue their stay at Sensual Productions, those people are:

Betty Barracuda of Total Betty
Yabusaka Loon of Yabusaka
Lunar Tripsa of Lunar Seasonals
Gospel Voom of Gos

Aside from the normal shops on the east and west side of the sim I am also debating on allowing a couple people in the main shop. One shop will be the new “Body Shop” which will contain hair, eyes, skins, shapes, avatar accessories etc. Another shop is open to whoever I believe is motivated and has a wide selection of quality products currently and is motivated to releasing new products at a steady pace. If you believe you may qualify for either of these spots please make not of it in your application.

Please visit Sensual Productions in world for more details and submit your applications to Sensual Casanova on or before January 24th, 2008. If you have any questions please submit them via email

The Le Cadre’ name has retired! Wednesday, Jan 16 2008 

As of January 15th, 2008 the Le Cadre’ name has retired. All Le Cadre’ groups will be dissolved and a ticket has been submitted to change the Le Cadre’ sim name to Sensual Productions.

All business, products, services, and support will continue as usual under the new name, Sensual Productions.

All landmarks and SLUrls should work as normal.

Please contact Sensual Casanova should you have any questions or concerns.

Price Juggler @ Sensual Designs & Animations Saturday, Jan 5 2008 

As most of you know there has been a 50% Off Sale going on at Sensual Designs & Animations, but now it’s with a bit of twist! I spent the morning price juggling and went around and changed all the sale items to new sale items! So if there was something you liked but wanted it in another version, style or color, it just may very well be set for 50% off today! So go check it out =)
Make sure you look for the “50% Off” signs on selected items, as some are hard to see unless you are actually near or in front of the item..

Happy 2008 50% Off Sale – Sensual Designs & Animations Wednesday, Jan 2 2008 

As promised… Sensual Designs & Animations is having a 50% off sale!

Sale includes selected items only and will run from Jan 1st – Jan 6th!

Look for the “50% off sale” signs on selected items… be sure to look on floors as there are shoes, eyes, clothing, skins, animations and furniture included in the sale.

Some tags may be hard to see so please look closely…

Happy New Years Everyone! Tuesday, Jan 1 2008 

Happy New Year Everyone, from Sensual Designs, Sensual Animations, Sensual Casanova, Le Cadre’ etc etc etc lol

I hope you all have a wonderful and SAFE new year!

I am going to run some kind of sale or something tomorrow to start off the new year, but I am not sure what yet, and it will be last minute… sorry things have been hectic, but please keep your eyes open

Sensual Casanova