First I would like to thank everyone that has singed up for this, there is so much talent out there! WOW! I haven’t figured out if I need to just get out more or if all this talent is being hidden in SL. lol

I have only had a chance to set up a few of you for now, and I am actually ahead of schedule… I was to have everyone selected and ready to go by the 21st, but someone… I won’t mention any names LOL, is pressuring me to hurry up lmao

So anyways… the first set of 7 is ready to go and the designers can head on over to Le Cadre’, look for their logo and start setting up, each designer should have received a group invite and all items placed but be placed while wearing your Le Cadre’ group tag. We are starting off with 75 prims each, should you need more for any reason please contact me, and I will see what I can do 🙂

KO Designs – kallyfaith Rolland

Total Betty – Betty Barracuda

Decoy – Annette Voight

Schadenfreude – Allegory Malaprop

A&K Designs – Adrianna Marquez

Balderdsash- Bagatelle and Trinketry – Saiyge Lotus

Yabusaka – Yabusaka Loon

Congrats guys, Happy Designing!