DevSen – Swingers… Available for men and women! Thursday, Aug 30 2007 

DevSen – Swingers… Available for men and women!

Female Swingers include the Sensual Sexy walk and the male swingers include the Sensual Strut walk!

More to come very soon 🙂

Check out the new DevSen store in Le Cadre!



DevSen – Sens Sneakers! Wednesday, Aug 29 2007 

I told you guys you would be hearing more about DevSen! lol here is another pair of shoes we just released, with a cute walk AND run also they are COLOR CHANGING! woot! Also there is a new DevSen store opening up in Le Cadre! So check it out! 🙂 Get your new sneakers here!


DevSen Chica Boots! Wednesday, Aug 29 2007 

DevSen Chica Boots for women!

Now available in Le Cadre’!

Currently these boots are only available for women, but a mens version is coming really soon!

Chica includes the Sensual Sexy Walk and you can turn the walk on or off by typing “/4 menu”


Second Life Wholesale Network – In Le Cadre’ Friday, Aug 24 2007