Something for the men! Friday, Jun 15 2007 

Something for the men, new at Sensual Designs!

Available in 6 different colors!

We are working on some stuff for men, so stay tuned!



Wednesday, Jun 13 2007 

New Paris Shoes 50% off for 1st 24 hours!
Each set comes with 2 walks that can be toggled by using “/4 menu” or you can just turn the walks off if there is another you prefer! Includes the NEW Sensual Paris walk, and Sensual Sexy Walk! Available only in Le Cadre’!

New Laierra Shoes 50% off for 1st 24 hours! Monday, Jun 11 2007 

New Laierra Shoes 50% off for 1st 24 hours!
Each set comes with 2 pairs, also includes an animated an unanimated version with a new “confidence” walk! Available only in Le Cadre’!

Misbehavin’, New @ Sensual Designs Thursday, Jun 7 2007 

Misbehavin’ new @ Sensual Designs!

Available in 7 different colors!

Includes, Hip huggers, shorts, tee, panties, stockings, suspenders, and cute hush puppy shoes.. everything you need for that naughty but nice look 😛 Get it here!

New Synthetik Syntek available in Le Cadre’! Tuesday, Jun 5 2007 



Synthetik Syntek

Available in 9 different colors, each color include 2 different designs (black has 3)

Syntek and pen only appear when the avatar is typing/chatting. When it is not being used it will be invisible.
All you have to do is wear it!

The Synthetik Syntek will override ANY and ALL animations in SL with a smooth transation and it will NOT ruin your current animations or poses that you are currently in! You have to see it to believe it!

Are you tired of people not knowing when you are typing? Are you tired of AO’s that show that ugly default pose when you are cuddling up with your hunny? Are you just tired of the same ole’ typing animation? The Synthetik TabletPC is custom animated, no more typing on air!

The Synthetik Syntek is available in many different colors to go with every style and outfit, for both men and women!

The Synthetik Syntek is scripted by MSo Lambert and Animated by Sensual Casanova
(graphics by Asri Falcone)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Sensual Casanova – Customer Support
Mso Lambert – Tech Support

Thank you!

Modern Retro by The Firm! Tuesday, Jun 5 2007 

This house is amazing, if you haven’t seen it yet, stop by Chaotica and take a look, it’s a must see!

797 prims Unfurnished =4,096 sqm
2,288 prims Furnished =12, 288 sqm (suggested)

This was the result of a 5 month group project from the company ” The Firm”. This Company includes Luna Benevante of Avenue Four & Asri Falcone or Houses in a Hatbox. In addition …Scripting of rezzers and animation scripts provided by MSo Lambert of Synthetik.(OUR HERO!)

*The Modern Retro house features 11 rezzable rooms.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, each of these 11 rooms has fully animated furniture (no poseballs) that can be put out or taken back with a click of a button.  In addition to this feature, each room also has at least 3 color schemes, so you can decorate your house to your taste.

*The house itself is copyable and modifiable.  The furniture, however, is strictly copyable.  You will not be able to modify the existing furniture.  Yet each room includes a “Clean” or “Clear” option allowing you to remove the room decor and replace it with your own un rezzable furniture.

*There are four modes of operation to which you can set the rezzing system panel:
owner- only the owner can access it
auth- only those authorized on the list can access it
group- only the users having the same active group as the device is set to, can use it
all- everyone can use it

****OTHER FEATURES INCLUDE (not limited to)****
working recessed lighting throughout (Clapper activated as well)
running water
voice command waterfalls
animated furniture
original artwork
working jacuzzi tubs
and much much more……..

From taking a nice relaxing shower , curling up by the fire , grabbing a glass of water from your bedside or even reading over the sports page on the throne …..if you thought of it we included it.

For the Low price of $49,995L  you will have everything you need to be the talk of the town in your neighborhood!