Delicious by Sensual Designs Tuesday, May 22 2007 

Delicious, new from Sensual Designs! Available in 5 different colors, Includes, Shirt, Bikini, Capris, and matching flip flops! Get it here!



Male AO by Sensual Animators Saturday, May 12 2007 

 Hey to all you men out there that have been bugging me for a MALE AO, it’s finally done, lol sorry it took so long 🙂 Get it here!


New Shoes in Le Cadre’! For MEN and WOMEN Friday, May 4 2007 

New Shoes in Le Cadre ( Available for MEN and WOMEN, 3 different styles and Sexy/Strut Walk Included, Available in Buckled, Laced, Or Zipped!