1/2 OFF SALE! Tuesday, Oct 31 2006 

50% off sale @ Sensual Designs and Asri Falcone Originals in Le Cadre!



Ravsen @ Le Cadre’! Monday, Oct 30 2006 

A joint effort by Sensual Casnaova and Raven Wombat! This is available in 4 different colors!  What more can you ask for in an outfit? Shoes, bracelets, armbands, and anklets included!


Thank you for making my day! Saturday, Oct 21 2006 

Today I was contacted by Raven Pennyfeather because she had lost her dance bracelet due to that nasty bug we had over the past week… She was very sweet, kind and patient… Don’t you just love when a customer comes to you with a problem, but yet makes the problem seem so pleasant? I know, weird huh? Anyways, it was a great experience and she asked me what color I prefer blue or red? I wasn’t sure why she had, I just replied, red hehe… Well moments later she passed me one of her outfits called Jagged Edge! I hurried up and put it on as I was anxious to see, and all I could reply to her was “Wow, just wow!” It was beautiful!! I went to go show it off to Asri and next thing I know Raven passed Asri the blue one! It made Asri’s day as well, as she has been stressing and working really hard trying to get a big project finished. I can’t wait to get a free moment and go see what else she makes!


Pre – Blog Entries Saturday, Oct 21 2006 

Alot of people have asked me to post items before my blog, so I decided I should post a few.. ok maybe more than a few lol

As I keep making new items, things become harder to find in my store, so if you ever have any trouble, please feel free to IM me for any assistance 🙂


New “Innocence” by Sensual Designs! Saturday, Oct 21 2006 

Innocence is available in 7 different colors and includes a matching flexi scarf and skirt, top, stockings and bootie shorts!

Click here for a teleport!


4 lucky chairs now in Le Cadre’! Saturday, Oct 21 2006 

4 Lucky chairs in Le Cadre, some items are not even for sale, 20 different items total and if you dont want to wait for your letter they are on sale for $100 or less!

$100 OFF!!! Monday, Oct 16 2006 

Thats right L$100 OFF to all Le Cadre’ Network Subscribers if you purchase the Sensual Animation Overrider today, October 15th! Just go to the animation shop in Le Cadre’ and purchase the overrider for L$850 and send me an IM saying you are a subscriber, after it is verified I will reimburse you L$100! Enjoy and I hope everyone is having a Happy Sunday! 🙂

Sensual Designs Hair Texture Pack! Sunday, Oct 15 2006 

I just released 36 Copy/Transfer Hair textures, they are currently only available on SL Exchange, but they will be in my store soon.

These textures are great for making and selling prim hair or just changing the look of hair you have purchased! 🙂


New Animation Overrider! Friday, Oct 13 2006 

Wow… I finally pushed myself into making one! I have always dreaded it, and people always asked me why I am an animator and I don’t ever use an AO… well, no good reason really… people we’re also bugging me to make some, saying that there isn’t enough out there… thats hard to believe hehe! Anyways, here is my first AO, and I didn’t forget about the men, I just need to get my hands on a decent male shape and I will then begin working on one… So for now, we just have one for the ladies hehe

You can click here to teleport!


New Charnae’ from Sensual Designs! Wednesday, Oct 11 2006 

Charnae’ comes in 8 different colors and includes: jacket, cami, flexi prim skirt and undershorts. All very high detailed and 100% hand drawn!

Visit my main Shop in Le Cadre’

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