Tune into Le Cadre’ Radio! Friday, Sep 15 2006 

Le Cadre’ Radio is now open to the public and you can tune in at any time, in and out of world…
We are also looking for DJ’s, is there a club you are hosting and want to DJ certain times? contact me!
Also I am currently adding new music to the playlist, if there is anything you would like added please let me know!

Thanks Sensual Casanova

We are a variety station but try to stick to rap, hip hop, pop, 80’s stuff like that…Sorry no trance or metal


A little about me, and Give it a rest! Friday, Sep 15 2006 

First of all I want to thank everyone that has supported me, past, present and future… All the support that I get in and out of SL, really has a dramatic impact on my everyday life.

As many of you already know, I am disabled Irl, I have what is called Factor V Mutation and have sufferd several blood clots in a main artery in my right leg, causing me not to be able to stand, sit, walk, or lay down for long periods of time (4-5 more hrs at a time), also chronic swelling and pain in my right leg.

As one can imagine, being 29 and disabled is not fun, in fact, it is very depressing… I have a wonderful husband of nearly 12 years, a wonderful 10 yr old son, and a 14 month old stubborn, very active german shepherd lol…

I have a degree in accounting, I am bilingual (English/Spanish), I am a translator and help immigrants with INS paperwork and court papers on the side… I do this all from home and my clients come from word of mouth. I am only allowed to work 20hrs a week…

Anyways, there are lots of things I can’t do, being a 29yr old wife and mother, I can’t travel, I can’t hike the Rocky Mountains, I can’t chase my son around, play soccer with him ( his favorite sport), I can’t go to Veracruz, Mexico with my husband and son when they go to visit his family for 2 weeks every year… very depressing…

Things I can do, I can help my son with his homework, I can watch him play at the park and do sports, I can watch movies with my family, I can make a pretty good income doing side jobs and designing in SL, I can still be thankful that God has allowed me to have such a loving family and friends, and that I am still here to watch my son grow up…

So there is a little background on me… now for the DRAHMA! I made this blog so I could express myself a little more and allow my customers and friends to learn about me as well as keep updated on new products and changes…

I did NOT make this blog for some low life to leave comments such as, “Yuck, low quality clothing you have, i wont shop here” and “I would never wear this rag”… I know that my designs are not low quality, I take several hours making an outfit, sometimes even days, this person is obviously just trying to hurt me, fair enough… but why not leave your SL name instead of hiding behind another? Seems pretty silly to me… Well I have deleted these posts by this person, not because they were just cruel, but because if you are going to talk shit to me at least do it under your main SL account name. Don’t be a coward! So thanks to this loser, people will have to be registered to leave a comment on my blog. If anyone wants to leave a negative comment, please feel free, I will not sensor it, unless you are going to sensor your identity.

I know the person that left these cruel messages on my blog, and all I can say is give it a rest! I guess because your fake death threats didn’t work, you are going to try something else? Seriously, seek help!

Now before I start rambling off topic and not making sense lol I am going to close this for now, maybe I will post more about me later… 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and aren’t getting to stressed and upset with all the SL Downtime 😦